Placenta Encapsulation Package

Placenta Encapsulation Package



  • Placenta Encapsulation (Traditional Chinese Medicine method or Living foods method)

  • Cord Keepsake

  • Placenta Print

  • blood and membranes saved for tree planting/your disposal 

  • your choice of either Lactation Chai or Sitz Bath herb blend,

Optional: Placenta Reading, and/or directions for Placenta Smoothie

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It's best to process the placenta within 24-36, hours of the birth, however other provisions can be made for longer periods of time. Whether at home or the hospital, once the placenta has been delivered and separated from babe, you will need to refrigerate/keep the placenta on ice. It can stay this way for up to 48-72 hours before it needs to be frozen for preservation. If you are planning to birth at the hospital, make sure to bring a small cooler and ice packs.

For births with the Nelson-Castlegar-Slocan triangle, I'm able to pick-up and deliver your placenta within 36 hours of your delivery, all other locations may be possible however will require some more planning and transportation support in order to make it happen.

Generally, it takes me 1-2 days to process and return your transformed placenta to you.

I process the medicines in my home in a kitchen set up according to food safe parameters, with tools used only for the purpose of placenta medicine making.