I (heart) my womb tea

I (heart) my womb tea


Herbal Tea blend.

Ethically and Sustainably harvested and wildcrafted.

All profits shared with Sinixt smum iem.

Blended with care and intention.

50g bag ~30 cups of tea

Raspberry leaf, Nettle, Red Clover, Alfalfa, Rose Hips, Oat Straw, Rose Petal, Calendula

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Mild tasting, with a hint of rose.

Toning to the muscles of the uterus.

High in vitamins and minerals.

Cleansing to the lymphatic system.

Gentle, balancing and heart warming.

Specifically formulated for nourishing and toning the womb and full reproductive system.

Helpful in transforming painful menses as well as an essential tonic throughout pregnancy and postpartum.

photos by Ava at www.adarlingfamily.tumblr.com