What to expect

Each session begins with a conversation to assess what you are experiencing in your body- pain points and places of ease, energy levels, emotions and events unfolding in your life.  During your first session we will review major life events- your body’s natural capacities and abilities, injuries, traumas, compensation patterns, healing work and family patterns that will inform your care.

You will be invited to settle onto the massage table or, if you prefer, in a chair, fully clothed.  Once you indicate you're ready, I'll make gentle contact starting at the base of your legs.  Throughout the session, I'll offer subtle forms of contact with various locations on your body.  I'll check in with you at multiple points to ensure you are comfortable with the placement and pressure of contact and your are free to communicate throughout the session with feedback. 

During the session, you may experience movement in the body. It is also common to fluctuate between waking, sleeping, remembering, dreaming and meditation-like states. Sensations of warmth, expansion and/or release may arise.  People often experience a profound sense of calm after a single session and it is important, when possible, to make time afterwards to be gentle with yourself to support integration back into the wider world. 

At the end of your session, I make sure to give ample space for a self-paced 'waking' from the session as well as for any questions or conversation that you might want to have relating to your experiences.


What to bring

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  • comfortable clothing

  • a water bottle (optional)


  • $60 per session

  • 6 session package - $300 ($50 per session) - no date restrictions


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