Holistic Stages of Birth - Written by Whapio Diane Bartlett 



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And one final thought . . .

Midwife? Birth Attendant? Doctor? Doula? Traditional Midwife?
Freebirth? Waterbirth? Homebirth? Hospital Birth? Birthing Suite? . . . 

You are absolutely entitled to visit with various care providers before you decide who you would like to have support you in pregnancy and be present at your birth. Ease of communication, transparency, trust, and consent based language and practices, are among some of the qualities you may want to consider. Shop around. Ask about your options. Mix and match until you find what works.

Currently in Canada the title and practice of midwifery is legislated and regulated by provincial and federal colleges of midwives. This means that anyone who has opted to not practice through the college cannot legally refer to themselves as a midwife nor publicly promote their services as such. It also means that anyone who works within the medical system may not be aware or able to tell you about options that exist outside of the medical model and their scope of practice.