placenta alchemy


The placenta grows in the womb as companion.
it directly nourishes and protects us as babies as we take our human form.
Through its branching veins, the placental 'tree of life' creates a map-like story, reflecting back to the eye of the beholder, our pathways and possibilities in this lifetime.

As we prepare to welcome the arrival of a new life, we also prepare to welcome their placental womb mate and are tasked with its guardianship; witnessing and keeping its story in our living memories until our children are able to carry it for themselves.

My offering is to serve you in this process in whatever way feels true for your family.


My Services

 Additional Services

  • Placenta Tincture, Homeopathic Remedy or Salve Only - $50 each, $90 for all 3

  • Placenta Prints Only $50

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 In addition to my training as a doula and Matrona Midwife, I have also been wildcrafting and processing plant medicines for over 10 years and hold my level 1 Food Safe certification.


"[Amanda's] service is genuine, appreciated and very encouraging." -Alexander B.

"Thank you Amanda for all the care and love you poured into the most memorable days of my life. Both the Placenta pills and the beautiful package created with my sons umbilical cord and placenta imprints were beautiful. The pills helped me heal for months after birth and the umbilical cord and beautiful words written will forever be kept as a memory of his cherished birth. Love always." -Melissa and Atlas