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As Above, So Below

BCST is a safe and effective form of therapy during pregnancy. Receiving sessions during pregnancy offers emotional support and holding as well as the opportunity to deepen your connection with baby. BCST can also assist with digestive issues; sinus troubles; headaches; pelvic and back strain; swelling; and can facilitate increased sense of embodiment and capacity in order to support your birthing process. As your whole being shifts towards being more available for birth, it is also possible to have past birthing experiences as well as your own birth history arise. BCST offers a supportive container for this material to arise and be processed at a pace that feels safe and manageable,  allowing you to become more clearly differentiated and available for this present baby’s birth.

Birth is remembered in the body.

Compressions and restrictions experienced during the birth process may lead to common infant problems such as colic, excessive crying, irritability, feeding and sleeping difficulties. BCST may relieve the compressions and restrictions, which then allows baby to settle and heal. This often benefits the whole family as it reduces tension within the family dynamics. Babies and parents are typically treated together.

A little goes a long way with a child. Whatever can be resolved during infancy or childhood, often in only a few sessions, can potentially prevent decades of medical and psychological treatment later on. In addition, resolution of misaligned forces makes us less accident-prone, because we are not “off-balance”.


BCST can support babies and families with:

  • birth integration

  • growing pains/teething

  • colic and reflux

  • digestive or elimination difficulties

  • feeding challenges

  • difficulty settling your baby or separating from baby

  • sleeplessness

  • allergies

  • ear aches

  • healing ancestral patterns

  • post-immunization integration

  • unresponsiveness or slowness to reach milestones



  • $60 for a 1 hour session prenatal/postpartum/birth partner(s) session

  • $90 for a 1.5 hour session offers more space to discuss pregnancy and birth process

  • $30 ParentBaby session may range between 15 minutes to an hour depending on baby's need



In-Home sessions available

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